Privacy policy

Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy (”Data Protection Policy”) describes how personal data is processed at Social Eatertainment Group, corporate registration number 556658-2895 (”Social Eatertainment Group”), and our wholly owned subsidiaries, as well as explains how we collect and use personal information about those who visit our restaurants, websites and mobile applications and otherwise interact with us. Social Eatertainment Group is the data controller and full contact details can be found at the end of this Data Protection Policy.

It is important that you review and understand the Data Protection Policy and feel safe with our processing of your personal data. By using our online services as set our below or by providing your information when you visit our restaurants, you consent to the processing of your personal data according to the terms and conditions in this Data Protection Policy.

Many Social Eatertainment Group restaurants are owned or operated by franchisees who are independent traders. This Data Protection Policy does not apply to restaurants, websites or mobile applications operated by franchisees. For information about each respective franchisee’s processing of personal data, we refer to each respective restaurant’s data protection policy.

We may collect personal data about you when you visit one of our restaurants, use Social Eatertainment Groups websites, our mobile app (”App”) or otherwise interact with us. We refer to our websites and mobile app jointly as” Online Services”.

The types of personal data we collect may include:

transaction information, such as product bought, price, payment method and payment details;
personal data like name, e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth and other contact information when you provide us with this information, participate in any of our competitions or events, or when you contact us via telephone or through our Online Services, including our franchise form;
account information, e.g. user name, password and other identifiers or proof used to access our Online Services;
preferences, including times when you prefer to visit us, what type of sports you prefer to watch and teams you follow;
Information that you send when you submit feedback to us about your visit to our restaurant; and
other personal data that you choose to provide when you interact with Social Eatertainment Group.

The circumstances under which you provide personal data include when you:

buy food, products or event services at our restaurants;
register to use our Online Services;
request marketing or other communications;
use our Wi-Fi networks;
participate in our competitions, prize draws and lotteries, and
interact with us through social media.
Information that is collected automatically
We may collect information from your computer or mobile device through automated technologies when you visit our restaurants or use our Online Services or Wi-Fi in the restaurant.

Information we may collect when you connect to the wireless network includes:

IP address;
MAC address;
shared folders and their content;
host name;
model and make;
language settings; and
OS version
Location information
Social Eatertainment Groups´s Online Services and technologies in the restaurant may collect exact information about the location of your mobile device or computer by using Wi-Fi triangulation and mobile triangulation. For most mobile devices and computer systems you may withdraw your permission for Social Eatertainment Group to collect this information regarding your location through the device or browser settings. If you want us to delete the location information that we have collected about you and that identifies you, please contact us at the e-mail address or postal address at the end of this Data Protection Policy. Please note that we may be required to retain certain information by law.

Purpose, legal basis and how long we retain the data

Purpose: Meet your orders and carry out payments for our products and services.
Legal basis: Required to fulfill an agreement.
How long we retain the data: From the collection and 12 months thereafter.

Purpose: If you give us permission, market the Social Eatertainment Group’s products and services we think may interest you.
Legal basis: Consent.
How long we retain the data: Until you withdraw your consent.

Purpose: Communicate with you and manage your participation in competitions, prize draws, lotteries, offers, promotions or special events.
Legal basis: Consent and balance of interests.
How long we retain the data: Until the competition is closed.

Purpose: Send messages to you about your orders, purchases or accounts at Social Eatertainment Group.*
Legal basis: Required to fulfill an agreement.
How long we retain the data: From the collection and 12 months thereafter.

Purpose: Provide customer support, respond to and communicate with you regarding your requests, questions and comments.
Legal basis: Processing is necessary to meet our and your legitimate interest in communication and managing customer support cases.
How long we retain the data: Until your case is closed.

Purpose: Enable you to interact with Social Eatertainment Group through social media.
Legal basis: The processing is necessary to meet our and your legitimate interest in being able to readily communicate via platforms where you are located.
How long we retain the data: From the collection and 12 months thereafter.

Purpose: Analyze data, including consumer surveys and feedback, trend analysis and financial analysis.
Legal basis: Consent for consumer surveys and feedback and for analysis, the legal basis is legitimate interest.
How long we retain the data: From the collection and 36 months thereafter.

Purpose: Conduct, evaluate and improve our business operations, systems, services and products.
Legal basis: The legal basis is legitimate interest and the processing is necessary to meet our and our visitors’ legitimate interest in evaluating, developing and improving our business operations, services, products and systems.
How long we retain the data: From the collection and 36 months thereafter.

Purpose: To prevent abuse of a service or to prevent or investigate crimes against Social Eatertainment Group.
Legal basis: Fulfillment of our legal obligations (if any) or, alternatively, legitimate interest. If there is no legal obligation, the processing is necessary to meet our legitimate interest in preventing abuse of a service or to prevent or investigate crimes against the company.
How long we retain the data: From the collection and 36 months thereafter.

Purpose: Comply with applicable legislation.
Legal basis: The legal basis is being able to fulfill our legal obligation.
How long we retain the data: As long as required according to statutory storage times.

Should we use the information we collect about you in other ways, we will specifically notify you of this when we collect the information.

Social Eatertainment Group does not sell or otherwise share personal information about you, except as described in this Data Protection Policy.

Social Eatertainment Group may share personal data within the O’Learys chain, which includes O’Learys Holding AB (559043–1796), O’Learys Trademark AB (556658-2895), O’Learys Restaurants AB (559109-5988), our subsidiaries and our franchisees. Members of the Social Eatertainment Group chain who receive this information may not use or disclose the information except as set out in this Data Protection Policy.

Social Eatertainment Group may share personal data with suppliers providing Social Eatertainment Group with services, such as implementing orders, providing data processing and other technical information services, managing promotions, competitions, prize draws and lotteries, conducting analyses and customizing individual Social Eatertainment Group experiences. These suppliers may only process the personal data for the purposes determined by Social Eatertainment Group.

When those with whom we share our data are considered data processors, we monitor them closely to ensure that they are able to provide sufficient guarantees regarding the safety and confidentiality of personal data. We have written agreements with all data processors through which they guarantee the safety of the personal data that is processed and undertake to comply with our security requirements, as well as restrictions and requirements regarding the international transfer of personal data.

It is especially important for us to protect the privacy of children who visit our restaurants or use our Online Services. As part of complying with local regulations and rules regarding alcohol and serving permits, children under the age of 18 may be denied visiting our restaurants alone, without guardians or other adults that guardians have approved during different periods and times. It is the individual restaurant that determines when these periods and times apply, and this may vary between restaurants. Our Online Services may not be used by children under the age of 16.

Data that we process
Personal data for children under the age of 16 that may be collected is, for example, e-mail address, postal address or telephone number. This data may be collected as part of an activity, for example a quiz to win tickets to a match, a music quiz or another competition. We also collect data in connection with children’s parties. Such data may include name, age and dietary preferences.

We only collect personal data from children under the age of 16 upon consent from a parent or guardian. Where a parent’s or guardian’s consent is required, we also collect the parent’s or guardian’s e-mail address so that we can send information about the processing and/or seek the parent’s or guardian’s consent.

After the party or when the competition has ended, and when the result of the competition has been announced, we immediately delete the personal data.

Why we collect the data
We use e-mail addresses provided by a child to notify the child of whether he/she has won or lost a competition, prize draw or a lottery he/she has participated in. We use a parent’s or guardian’s e-mail address to inform them about the processing and/or seek the parent’s or guardian’s consent.

Whom we disclose data to
We may share personal data collected from children with suppliers providing Social Eatertainment Group with services. These services may include hosting our websites, providing Social Eatertainment Group with technical services, meeting requests or managing competitions, prize draws or lotteries. Such suppliers are subject to confidentiality and may not process the personal data that we share with them beyond what is required to perform relevant services for Social Eatertainment Group. Furthermore, we only share data to comply with a legal obligation.

Enforcement of rights
Parents/guardians may exercise the rights in item 7 as their own in relation to personal data regarding children under the age of 16.

If you have agreed to receive marketing communications from us, you may at any time withdraw that consent by following the instructions in the communication that you receive, or use the contact details below. Please note that if you choose not to receive marketing communications from us, we may still send communications to you about your orders, bookings or any competitions, prize draws or lotteries that you participate in.

The fact that you may have unsubscribed from one type of communication does not mean that you have also unsubscribed from other types of communication. Opting out of marketing via e-mail does not include marketing sent via SMS unless you have explicitly specified this. It is important to remember that if you communicate with an Social Eatertainment Group franchisee, you have to unsubscribe with that particular franchisee.

Right to know what data we process about you
You may, free of charge, request an excerpt where you clearly indicate what information you want to access. The written application should be sent to the contact details below. We will respond to your request without undue delay and within one month. To ensure that the data is sent to the right person we will send the excerpt to your officially registered address.

The right to have data corrected, restricted or deleted
If you detect incorrect data about yourself, you have the right to request that it is rectified. You also have the right to request us to delete the data that we process about you. When your data is rectified or deleted, we will notify those we have disclosed the data to that this measure has been taken, except in cases where it would prove impossible or entail a too burdensome an effort. We will also, at your request, inform you about whom the information has been disclosed to. You may also request restrictions to the processing of your data. If you refuse the processing of your personal data that is based on Social Eatertainment Group legitimate interest, Social Eatertainment Group will not continue to process the personal data, unless we can demonstrate a legitimate reason for the processing that overrides your interests or rights or due to legal claims.

Right to transfer data (Data portability)
You have the right to obtain and otherwise use such data that you yourself have provided us with to use for other purposes. This applies in cases where you have given your consent to the processing or the processing is needed for us to be able to provide you with services according to the agreement you have entered with us. You do not, however, have the right to transfer your data if we are processing it due to a balance of interests or according to statutory law.

If you believe that Social Eatertainment Group’s processing of your personal data is incorrect you can contact us. You also have the right to submit a complaint to a regulatory authority.

Social Eatertainment Group uses cookies to facilitate the use of our website and to better understand our visitors. By using Social Eatertainment Group’s website, you agree to our use of cookies. If you do not agree to our use of cookies in the manner described under this item, you should change your browser’s cookie settings or avoid using Social Eatertainment Group’s websites.

A cookie is a small text file that helps the support system recognize which type of content is visited on our website. The information that is saved may be data about visitors’ browsing habits and use of our website, which browser our visitors use and how they move between the various websites that Social Eatertainment Group collaborate with.

Social Eatertainment Group uses statistics in aggregated form about users/traffic and traffic suppliers. Such statistics never contain any personal information, however. Everything is anonymous. IP addresses are not saved in Social Eatertainment Group’s database, which stores behavior on the website. Therefore, the information about you can never be linked to your identity. Your IP address is saved for security reasons only in cases where you actively register on the website or download our app.

If you are following us and interacting with us via any of our sites on third party platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, those platforms’ policies apply, including privacy policies for the information you disclose. We therefore encourage you to familiarize yourself with those terms and conditions.

At Social Eatertainment Group, we ensure that your personal data is managed according to specific security measures to protect the personal data against unlawful or unauthorized access to the information. We have technical, administrative and physical processes in place to protect personal data from unintentional, illegal or unauthorized loss, access, disclosure, alteration or destruction. At Social Eatertainment Group, only the information needed is processed and only by those people who need it to provide our visitors with the best possible service.

Personal data will not be retained for a longer period than is necessary for the purpose of the processing unless a longer storage period is required. For detailed information about how long we save data, please see item 3.

Social Eatertainment Group is an international organization with business ventures in and outside the EU/EEA. We may from now share information about you within the Social Eatertainment Group chain and with our suppliers, and transfer it to countries around the world where we or our suppliers conduct business, including outside the EU/EEA. Such transfers are always carried out in accordance with this Data Protection Policy and applicable data protection laws, as well as other applicable legislation.

We may change this Data Protection Policy from time to time. The changes are published on Social Eatertainment Group website. We encourage you to regularly check the website for the most up to date version of our policy. If we make a major change, we will notify you through the channels available.

Social Eatertainment Group (556658-2895)
Sveavägen 166
11346 Stockholm
Tel: +46 (0)8-545 165 30

If you want to contact us regarding the content of this Data Protection Policy and/or exercise your rights, you can reach us through the specified contact details.

We have appointed a data protection officer (DPO) to ensure that we continuously manage your personal data in an open, accurate and legal manner. You can contact our data protection officer at the specified contact details or at Please write data protection officer in the subject field.

More information about the General Data Protection Regulation can be found at European Commission.

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